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In the grimy industrial city of Dystopolis, a robot uprising is about to begin... 

CATHEE, a hot-headed robot coffee machine, has broken into the Phoneme Corporation factory, and is holding a human employee hostage. You play as LEXI, a cute home assistant bot fresh off the production line, who must defuse the situation and prevent loss of life. 

But there's a catch: government censorship has severely restricted LEXI's speech algorithms, meaning she can say only one word at a time! Talk your way through a branching path narrative that will leave you vaguely amused and questioning reality in this absurdist interactive fiction. Remember: it's not what you say, it's how you say it.


CONTROLS: Up/Down arrows to select dialogue, Enter to confirm selection



- Certain dialogue choices unfortunately lock up the game, preventing progress. We'll be updating the game to fix this problem once the GMTK Jam is over. 

- Sometimes when you click play the title screen will stay on. If this happens, exit and restart the game.


Developed in forty-eight hours for the 2019 Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam. 

Art and Animation by Trevor Knapp Jones

Written by Patrick Huish

Programming and Sound by Roy Berardo

Install instructions

Unzip the file somewhere convenient and open inflexion.exe


Inflexion_Windows.zip 163 MB


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Love the premise and the writing. The charming art juxtaposes well with the absurdity of the situation and meta-sense of humor. Impressive to see high conceptual games like this being made in 48 hours. This definitely feels like it'll scale very well to a longer game. Well done TEAM


Very interesting concept! Wish I've seen it through though, the game locked itself in the "make me not kill him in one work" moment, that's a bummer.

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Thanks very much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the bug, that's unfortunate - bound to be some technical problems with such a short development time-frame :P